I Graduated from University!

Hello! This is my first time writing as a college graduate! On Saturday, June 11th, I officially graduated with a Bachelor’s in Political Science and Writing minor from the University of Washington, Seattle! Since I was a little girl, I dreamed of attending UW. I thought UW had the most beautiful campus in the world. I couldn’t wait to be a student and spend all my time studying in the library, hanging out with friends, and making life-long memories.

Me celebrating with my friends: Olivia, Yumi, and Daniel.

Well, my college experience was not like that.

It was amazing, for sure, but cut short by the pandemic. After transferring from Edmonds College (my second favorite school), I spent my entire first year online. It was difficult to really get that UW experience from my room. Still, I made friends and connections with my professors. I attended club meetings virtually, got into the honors program, and got a job. Once Fall 2021 came around, I had so much to look forward to for my first year on campus. But, unfortunately, it was also my last year, meaning I had very little time to make up for the time lost and years of high expectations.

Me with my best friend, Justin.

I tried my best though. After years inside, I told myself I wouldn’t be a hermit. I made sure to make plans with friends and attend as many college events as possible. I even went to a party. Granted, I didn’t drink or smoke or do anything cause I had a test the next day, but I still made a great new friend. I could have stayed longer for my master’s, but I knew it was time to move on. And on I will be going, to the London School of Economics to complete my master’s in International Relations. That program will also only last a year, but it’s a smaller school in a bigger city, so I don’t think I will miss out as much. Despite my excitement, I will miss UW and feel guilty about leaving my beautiful school and state behind. Still, I’m happy I was able to make memories while I could, and I’m excited to take the next step in my academic journey.