Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday is tomorrow. For those who do not know, Super Tuesday is when many states hold their primaries. They account for about 40% of the electorate. After Super Tuesday, it starts to become more clear who will be the nominee. There are five candidates left on the Democratic field: Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Tulsi Gabbard, and Mike Bloomberg.

With how things are going, Sanders and Biden seem like they have the best shot of getting the nomination. Buttigieg, Klobuchar, and O’Rourke have all endorsed Biden, and he has had a resurgence after South Carolina. Warren continues to trail, and it seems even less likely that Gabbard and Bloomberg will get enough delegates. However, there has been a movement growing across America. That movement is for Bernie Sanders.

If democrats care about beating Trump, then Bernie is their best bet. Polls continue to show Bernie beating Trump. His movement has also inspired the youth to become more politically-involved. A large portion of Bernie’s base are teenagers and young adults (aka the future!). His ideas of Medicare for All & free college appeal to them. Those ideas are also not as radical as the establishment believes, they are being practiced in Canada and Western Europe.

Biden represents a by-gone time. His voters want to return to a pre-Trump, Obama-era, but that is impossible. As a nation, we have to move forward. We need politics that help the working class, not the one percent. Change can be terrifying, but it is necessary. Imagine if the American revolution never happened? Or if the Civil Rights movement failed? America is not a nation that stays stagnant. America does not say no to radical ideas. This nation needs to progress, and Bernie Sanders is the one to lead that change.

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